Vinyl Tile - PST1230  (ROYAL STONE(450mm square))

overall thickness 3.0mm
size 450mm x 450mm
others Surface Clear Wear Layer 0.3mm
Packing 14pcs/box = 2.83square meter/box
Net Weight 14.7kg/box

Document Disclaimer

  • When you place the order, the very same pattern as the image in this library cannot be specified, especially for the products with a random design.
  • The color of the product may look slightly different being affected by the type of PC and a printer.
  • Before you place the order, please check the actual product in the sample book etc.
  • The images in this library are mainly for the purpose of visual appeal. If you make the floor layout by copying the downloaded image, it will become the repetition of the very same pattern, which is not exactly the same as the actual installation at the site.